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  • China Medical Device Standards Management Annual Report (2023)


    In 2023, China NMPA approved and issued 117 industry standard projects for medical devices, which were divided into formulation projects (57, 48.7%) and revision projects (60, 51.3%) according to the formulation and revision of standards.

  • Reagents for Detection of Influenza A Viruses Approved by China NMPA


    So far, China NMPA has approved a total of 66 reagents for detection of influenza A viruses, including 23 antigen detection products, 5 antibody detection products, and 38 nucleic acid detection products.

  • Rules for Labels of Prepared Slices of Chinese Crude Drugs Issued by China NMPA


    The NMPA organized to formulate the Rules for Labels of Prepared Slices of Chinese Crude Drugs, which is hereby released and shall be implemented since August 1, 2024.

  • Chinese drug regulators launch safety crackdown


    China's National Medical Products Administration has recently launched a nationwide drug safety consolidation and enhancement campaign to establish a solid foundation for drug safety.

  • Supervision tightened on cosmetic medicine


    Eleven central departments including the State Administration for Market Regulation, the National Health Commission and the Ministry of Public Security recently released a guideline to strengthen supervision of the medical cosmetology industry to regulate the industry's development and protect consumers' rights.

  • Supervision ensures medical products safe


    With the sale of medical products online skyrocketing in recent years, the National Medical Products Administration has led a crackdown to ensure only safe and approved products are available for consumers.

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