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Chinese drug regulators launch safety crackdown

Xinhua| Updated: 2023-06-29

BEIJING -- China's National Medical Products Administration has recently launched a nationwide drug safety consolidation and enhancement campaign to establish a solid foundation for drug safety.

In 2022, drug regulators across China investigated 153,600 cases of illegal and criminal acts involving drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices, a 17.65 percent increase from the previous year, said the administration.

The number and quality of cases handled have increased, with many landmark and major ones cracked, effectively deterring lawbreakers and fostering a healthy drug market environment.

The drug safety campaign will last one and a half years and includes specific priority tasks.

Regulators will conduct comprehensive checks to eliminate risks and hidden hazards by focusing on online retailers, businesses with previous issues, rural and underdeveloped urban areas, high-risk products, and groups buying products.

They will also focus on outsourced manufacturers, supply chains and the implementation of license holders' corporate responsibilities. The aim is to resolve potential risks at an early stage.

Additionally, severe punishments will apply to lawbreakers. Regulators will step up coordinated inspections and investigations, with offenders facing rectifications, shutdowns, and penalties based on the severity of the violation. Major cases will be closely supervised, and a joint accountability system will apply.

The administration also plans to improve regulatory capabilities. Regulators will address day-to-day monitoring challenges, risk screening, and case investigations. Oversight will be coordinated across the entire product lifecycle, and "Internet Plus" regulatory measures will be improved.