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    COVID-19 asymptomatic patients: Answers to frequently asked questions


    As China is battling a new COVID-19 outbreak, the increased proportion of asymptomatic patients in the newly confirmed COVID-19 cases has raised questions among the public. Let's revisit some important information about COVID-19 asymptomatic patients.

  • Do not use cosmetic toys on children


    There are some potential safety hazards for children to misuse such toys as cosmetics.

  • Tips for choosing children's cosmetics


    In China, children's cosmetics refer to cosmetics for children aged 12 and younger. How to choose children's cosmetics scientifically is a matter of great concern to parents.

  • FAQs on COVID-19 vaccination for seniors


    The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention answered frequently asked questions about COVID-19 vaccination among the elderly to better explain the importance of seniors getting vaccinated and to enhance the inoculation coverage. The following are some of the FAQs.

  • FAQs about antigen self-testing for COVD-19


    China has approved COVID-19 antigen testing as a supplementary means to improve early detection, and 10 domestically made antigen kits have been allowed for home use.

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    FAQs on China's COVID sequential booster immunization


    Fully vaccinated people in China can now choose to receive a different shot from their original inoculation as a booster in a process called sequential immunization.

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