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Research well underway into COVID-19 vaccines and drugs, premier says

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: 2020-05-29


China and many other countries are investing into the research and development of vaccines, effective drugs and testing agents, which, when available, should become public goods, Premier Li Keqiang said on May 28, adding China is ready to share those products.

All countries are working on preventing and controlling the spread of this new contagion and are gaining experience along the way, Li said at a video news conference, adding vaccines, effective drugs and testing agents are powerful weapons humanity can use to overcome the virus.

China, like many other countries, believes there should be efforts to research the origin of the novel coronavirus, as such efforts will help containing the COVID-19 pandemic and protect the lives and health of the people around the world, he added.

The Chinese people have brought the outbreak under control through painstaking efforts, and are sharing pandemic-related information with the international community in an open, transparent and responsible manner, Li said.

The contagion, however, is still spreading across the world, and has not come to a complete end in China, which is reporting sporadic cases, the premier pointed out.

China will continue to manage any outbreak promptly and control the contagion in a scientific manner, and no cover-up will be allowed, Li said.

The international community is facing dual tasks, both controlling the pandemic and resuming economic activities, and there is a conflict of interests between the two goals, Li said.

Countries should strike a balance between the goals, Li said, stressing the importance of international cooperation in achieving them so humanity will get through the impact of the pandemic.