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NMPA Deputy Commissioner meets with Cuban ambassador to China

Updated: 2019-10-18

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Li Li (left), Deputy Commissioner of the National Medical Products Administration, meets with Miguel Angel Ramirez Ramos, the outgoing Cuban ambassador to China on Oct 15.  [Photo/nmpa.gov.cn]

Li Li, Deputy Commissioner of the National Medical Products Administration, met with a Cuban delegation led by Miguel Angel Ramirez Ramos, outgoing Cuban ambassador to China on Oct 15. The two sides exchanged views on strengthening cooperation in the field of drug regulation.

Li praised and appreciated Ramos’ contribution to advancing China-Cuba collaboration in drug regulation during his tenure and introduced NMPA’s relevant development.

China and Cuba are both socialist countries and are not only good friends but also comrades and brothers, said Li. The two countries have maintained long-held partnership in drug regulation. As a member of the Cuba-China Joint Working Group on Biotechnology, the NMPA has been actively participating in relevant activities. The Cuba-China joint expert group mechanism has been set up to promote exchanges in laws and regulations, policies, and related technology issues arising from drug regulation by the two sides.

The NMPA looks forward to working closely with relevant Cuban authorities to put into practice the consensuses reached by the leaders of the two countries. Joint efforts will be made to further communication and cooperation in drug regulation and support the access of quality drugs into each other’s market so as to benefit the people in both countries, said Li.

Ramos said that this year marks the 60th anniversary of Cuba's revolution and the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Next year we will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Cuba.

The two sides enjoy a good partnership in drug regulation and Cuba would like to express its gratitude to the NMPA for its long-term support for Cuba’s biopharmaceutical development, he added.

Directors from NMPA’s Department of Drug Registration, Department of Science, Technology and International Cooperation and the Center for Drug Evaluation joined the meeting.